Make, Do, Mend: Doily Coasters

  • What you need:

    Bathroom tiles: (they would need to be a background colour you will like, I went for off white)

    Doiles: (I got big and small ones so I could change-up the patterns)

    Multi Surface Spray Paint: (colours that will compliment the background colour/tile and make sure it will be suitable for ceramic tiles)

    Sticky tape or spray adhesive to secure your doily.

    So this last Christmas, I decided to make my own presents, because  a)  I wanted to get my creative juices flowing  and b) because I was broke as back mountain.

    Inspired by something on Martha Stewart, she did it with lace, I made my very own doily coasters. These little guys were made so that when my friends had their morning mugs of coffee, afternoon cups of tea or evening glasses of beer, they would think of me fondly whilst simultaneously preventing rings on their coffee tables… handy? I think so!

    So here we go… 

    Get yourselves down to your local Hombase and purchase some bathroom tiles. I looked online first so that I had some idea of the cheapest way to do it.

    I got 25 tiles for 8.99 and they were off white because I wanted off white to be my base colour.

    I then grabbed some spray paint, again from Homebase. They didn’t have too much selection as far as colours go so you may  need to look around if you have your heart set on a specific colour. I went with brown and blue for £5 each.

    Now, all you need are the doilies. I have a slight, lingering obsession with doilies. One day, fate led me to walk passed a little newsagent in Rickmansworth that sold me about 1700 doilies, one pack of small and one pack of big and the man serving me never even needed to get off the phone!

    With the small doilies I used one to a tile, taped down. Sprayed them and then left them to dry.

    With the big doilies I used 1 Doily to 4 Tiles (pictured) so that when together they fit like a puzzle and can be used also as a hot plate.

    Some I used the very next day and I have noticed that they chipped easily. Others I left a week and they seem to be as sturdy as a lumberjack. (I have a weakness for lumberjacks, p.s.)

    So to recap: 

    Tiles : £8.99 (Homebase)

    Multi Surface Spray Paint: 2 cans for £10.00 (Homebase)

    Doilies: £8 for both packs, small and big. (Rickmansworth newsagent) 

    So for £31.99 I managed to make 6 sets of 4 coasters! Not bad at all! 

  • – Celeste


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5 responses to “Make, Do, Mend: Doily Coasters

  1. Emma @ Sweet Mabel

    Really great idea, I love it x

  2. Thank you! They were fun to make.. I’m looking forward to experimenting more! x p.s. Love your blog!

  3. liza

    nice work celeste! would like to try making these … someday! x x

  4. Thanks Liza! So fun! However, I did end up with blue fingers! We should have a coaster making sesh soon! x

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