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    .. for your meat.. not as rude as it sounds.

    There is this man I know, he is called Gord, he is canadian, he is nice, funny and most often quite rude. He also makes magnificent food. I begged him for his secret recipe to some BBQ Dry Rub Seasoning he uses .. he relented and here it is.

    Warning: Once boys consume food seasoned with this they will probably want to buy you flowers, take you out and treat you right.. be careful who you serve this to, it can cause unnecesary complications. 

    With that in mind.. here we go!

    Equal parts: 

    – Garlic Powder

    – Chili Powder

    – Paprika

    – Salt

    – Pepper

    -Coffee Grounds (fresh NOT instant) 

    1/2 Measure of Thyme


    1/2 Measure of Salt

    Mix it. 


    Rub it in to Chicken (steak or ribs are tasty with it too!) 30 minutes before you roast or BBQ it.

    Serve it with mash and vegies, or chips, or anything you want. 

    AND BBQ sauce, it is real good with BBQ sauce. 

    *I apologise that there is no greenery in the pictures…  It was end of the month, all I had was some breasts, Gord’s Dry Rub and potato.. But if I were you I would get some green beans involved with red onion and garlic.

    You may want to make your own BBQ Sauce. I think I’m going to try this soon, with whiskey … or bourbon.. hmmm, we’ll see, but that’s marriage material type of skills so I think that must be a post for another day.

    ‘Gord is good… all the time… All the time.. Gord is good’

    – Celeste



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