Dress Up: Baby it’s cold outside…

The temperatures here in England are arctic at the moment (I know, I exaggerate!), but as we pile on the layers,it’s hard to walk out of the house and not feel like a Michelin Man.

So today’s dress up post is devoted to keeping warm while still attempting to keep your own style.

My best winter warming garment is a green Duffle coat (eBay bargain straight from the 70s). This wool mix coat keeps the chills out and the generous hood allows you to snuggle in from the breeze. I also wear my grandma’s hand knitted woolly socks in my boots – warm feet goes a long way!  To stop me from getting completely bored with the same look everyday I change my hat and scarf to go with the mood (or more like whatever is handy when I dash out running late!).

Staying warm outside makes me appreciate the winter days a bit more, rather than complaining about the cold constantly (which I still do though… working on it!).

Any top tips to stay warm and stylish are welcomed with open arms!




Ps. We haven’t had snow yet locally (except a few lonely flakes) but I love Celeste’s bright pink leg warmers with her wellies from couple years ago, so I had to share!


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