Found Things: The Head and the Heart

Over the course of an average week, we come across little things that are all pretty, sparkly and brighten our days, from music and art to cafe’s and shops, here are some of the gems we have found.. 

1. The Head and the Heart.

Ok, so I know I am a bit late to the game on this but just  few months ago a sweet little friend of mine introduced me to these beauts, The Head and the Heart.

Their jingly guitars, bewitching harmonies and  enrapturing lyrics have me completely and utterly hooked. They are on repeat in my car, office, lounge and mind.  Thank you, ‘The Head and the Heart’ , for being the soundtrack to my January, 2012!

My favourite song is ‘Down in the Valley’ with the line ‘Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways..’ it echoes in my head and resounds in my heart.. Oh hello, that must be where their name comes from!

I feel it in my elbows… well the whole crook of the arm . (I ‘feel’ music in my body, it’s weird, I know!)

Their enchanting video for ‘Lost in my Mind’ has me feeling all sparky and full of ideas for a little video project that may be in the pipeline. (spoiler alert!)



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