Dress Up: Paul and Joe

So, I have this thing where I never really feel like a real woman. There are many reasons :

1. I always get food on my face
2. I never fall gracefully
3. Unladylike words are uttered from my mouth, mostly when playing computer games
4. I try to play Call of Duty and one day dream of beating the boys
5. I snort when I laugh
6. I’ve been know to mutter ‘That’s what she said!’
7. My nails are never pristine but always chipped

The list could go on BUT number seven was always one that stuck with me. I was in awe of those women who had shiny, smooth flawless nails.

It makes me suddenly feel like a little girl watching my mum put her make up on whilst I, never being sure where my lips ended and face began, smudged it all over my face.

I looked at these beautiful nails and felt inferior. I looked at these women, looking at my chipped, half picked off nailpolish with a quizzical, semi- disapproving look in their eyes and felt inferior forcing me to sit on my hands for the remainder of my encounter with them.

25th December, 2011 my nails, my demeanour, my world was forever changed. It was this day that, courtesy of two beautiful friends of mine, I tried, for the first time, nail polish that cost more than £3.50. I put on a base coat, two coats and then a top coat AND … I looked like a real woman. A REAL WOMAN.

Paul and Joe, nail varnish, you have rocked my world .. And my purse!

It is gorgeous, you could say I am obsessed … don’t judge me!

You can find lovely Paul and Joe nail varnish on http://www.asos.com and http://www.beautybay.com




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