DAYS LIKE THESE: For Sunshine Days that Take You by Surprise.

The three of us at tracks of foxes aim to share with you some crafty projects we’ve been putting our hands to, some adventures we’ve been spending our time on, we also thought we’d share with you some of the stuff that fills our stereos, book shelves, screens and tummy’s on emotional days, hope you might identify with some days like these.

According to statistics 16th January is the most depressing day of the year here in the grey UK and its easy to see why, but this year Lady January in her kindness has warmed us with some brilliantly unexpected golden rays, leaving us delirious with the promise of spring. So let us introduce you to our first “Days like these”

1. For sunshine days that take you by surprise


Another day… Jamie Lydell
Strange and beautiful… Aqualung
Mushaboom…. Feist
There goes the fear… The doves
Home… Edward sharp and the magnetic zeros (for you Celeste!)


Brilliantly narcissistic and hyperbolus – perfect for days like these

The sun has burst the sky: Jenny Joseph

The sun has burst the sky
Because i love you
And the river its banks

The sea laps the great rocks
Because I love
And takes no heed of the moon dragging it away
And saying coldly “Constancy is not for you”

Blackbirds fill the air
Because I love you
With spring and lawns and shadows falling on lawns

People walk down the street and laugh
I love you
And far down the river the ships sound their hooters
Crazy with joy because I love you


Little Miss Sunshine
Forrest Gump
Life is beautiful
The Wizard of Oz


So, according to the experts these seven foods have some mood boosting qualities…Perhaps they could make your good day even better!
Walnuts, dark chocolate, strawberries, pasta & oily fish… (I, for one always feel better after strawberries and some chocolate, fairly traded, of course)

– Sarah


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